Skynet Features

This is a full feature list of the system, no parts (other than the Manufacturing elements if you're an MRP system customer) are restricted. Clicking any "Further Details" links will take you to our Wiki/Help pages so you can get a full overview of that section. If you would like a demo of the system to see these features further, please get in touch!


The Dashboard gives you an overview of your system and can be customised by user and/or group. Further Details


The Accounting section allows you to create invoices away from the ordering system, currency management, VAT management and run any manual exports to your Accounting system. Further Details


The Administration section provides general system settings and details of the background schedules that are running on your system. Further Details


The CRM section allows your sales team to monitor their customers, any enquiries and call backs. Further Details

Cases / NCRs

If you have a Manufacturing/MRP system this will be called "NCRs", all other systems will see this as "Cases". This is where you either deal with inbound/outbound queries with customers and suppliers (a bit like a ticketing system) or monitor your NCRs under your ISO certification for MRP systems. Further Details


The Customer section has a wealth of features available - you can set all the various customer bespoke pricing, EDI settings, stock feeds and other relevant settings as well. Further Details


The system interfaces with various providers such as DPD, FedEx, Royal Mail (by agreement with Royal Mail and/or Intersoft only), Yodel and others. Further Details


Our MRP section contains more details on how this module works. But there is an Orderboard (Production Planner), Tool Management, Change Inserts, Job Cards and Machine Management amongst other things. Further Details


Skynet has it's own Marketing section to design and run mailshots based on various segmentation of customer data. Further Details

Part Finder

The Part Finder was initially designed for the Office Supplies industry to match Printers to Ink/Toner products, but it can be utilised in other industries such as Computing, Vehicle Parts etc. Further Details


Within the Personnel section we have a Clocking In/Out system, Holiday Management system and a whole host of permissions available to users and groups alike. Further Details

Point of Sale

More details of the Point of Sale module can be found on the POS page of our site, but in general it is a touch-screen accessible POS system which can support multiple locations, multiple tills and various shift-management functions. Further Details

Project Management

The Project Management system allows you to manage your customer (or internal) projects by linking various stages to it automatically (such as quotes/orders/purchase orders/stock levels etc.). Further Details


The Purchasing module can be run manually, or with a set of rules it can be automated as well - or a combination of both. It can look in to the past and work out what you need for the future, or it can run "Just In Time" in order to keep your stock as low as possible. Further Details


The Quotations module is a by-section of the Sales Orders section. Quotations on Skynet are "Draft" orders, those which are not finalised yet. This feature allows you to track the conversions by user, see how many are outstanding and if they are due to expire soon. Further Details


Most of the reports in the system are written for our customers, so if there is one you would like in particular, you can let us know the specification and we'll get it built for you - all included in the cost of your system. For a list of current reports please see Further Details

Returns Management

We can tailor the returns management system to your business processes - making sure you minimise your potential loss and cost of returns whilst making sure you keep your customer happy.

Sales Orders

We have built our sales order screen around our customers over the years, and the feedback from everyone is that it is very user-friendly and can be followed step by step to make sure the order is entered correctly and as quick as possible.


The system supports multiple 'sites' - these can be physical websites, storefronts, different brands - or links to Amazon, eBay and external systems.

Stock Management

There is no limit to the amount of stock records you can have setup (some of our customers have over a million) - and with a 'Just In Time' purchasing system, you could even be a stockless dealer!


The system supports as many suppliers as you need/want to setup, and they can all have their own specific pricing ready for raising orders.


We have a few set wallboards which can be customised to your requirements where they can be displayed to your sales or warehouse staff - or kept under lock and key!


From day to day stock adjustments, full stock takes or setting up multiple warehouses/locations with multiple stock locations - our system can handle all this for you, it can even produce the labels you need for your shelves!

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