Optimize Your Manufacturing with Genisys Skynet MRP

Streamline your manufacturing processes with Genisys Skynet MRP, designed specifically for the plastics industry. Our comprehensive solution manages everything from single and two-shot molding to secondary operations, ensuring full traceability from material arrival to finished product. Enhance efficiency with robust process tracking, real-time dashboards, and automated procurement. Skynet MRP is working towards meeting ISO 9001:2015 standards, so we can empower your business with the tools needed to achieve excellence and stay ahead in a competitive market.

Our Product

Developing Skynet for the plastics industry has not been simple due to the complexities of our specific industry.

We could have single shot, and two shot - then added to that process we could then have a variety of secondary operations before we have the finished product.

Then have a variety of tooling configuration, different ancillary products and all manner of processes and packaging.

We have built Skynet to cope with all of these different combinations, and continue to improve the product for every customer we take on.


Many MRP / ERP systems fundamentally do the same - but where Skynet comes into its own is when we get into the detail of the plastics industry.

We understand about tooling configurations and the difference between single and twin shot moulding. We understand the end goal, and we know how to get there, in fine detail. This could move onto over-moulding or even hand finishing, trimming, or inspection.

We know the process is not always finished there, with heat inserting, sonic welding and pad printing as just some of the secondary operations you may be dealing with.

All of these processes will require consumable products whether it is mould cleaner or mould release, through to heater bands and packaging.

Everything needs a place to live and needs to be tracked throughout the factory - and this is what Genisys does, making sure the job can be completed on time in full!

Chaos to Confusion

Going from chaos and confusion into a state of relaxation... everything has its place and is fully trackable within your facility.

With the added facilities such as bar coding, Genisys has the ability to offer FULL TRACEABILITY on material from the second it arrives at your factory, through to the finished product. With just in time label printing, the time, date, batch code and operator can all be tracked.

The Plastics Industry

Skynet is THE only UK ERP / MRP designed for the Plastics Industry, by real people from the Plastics industry.

It is our aim to give our industry the very best improvement in efficiencies throughout your business, giving you that competitive advantage. Saving factories time and money – providing your customers with what they want, when they want!

Plastic Injection Moulding

Skynet for Manufacturing has been developed from within the SME Plastic Injection Moulding environment. A rapidly growing South West based sub contract injection moulding manufacturer had great ambitions of growth, however this growth could not be sustained with a couple of Excel spreadsheets and a Word document...


Having studied the market looking for a back office provider, either the functionality was missing, or the price was the limiting factor. This is where the team at Genisys came in. Having developed a system for the FMCG market, we were able to adapt our processes and develop features that we designed specifically for the intricacies of the Injection Moulding Industry.


Configure your dashboard to have the information you need at a glance - sales for the month, turnover year to date, material outstanding... what you want, how you want it.

Sales Management

Use the Genisys CRM to track complete customer information, from:

- full customer contact details
- quotations
- sales orders
- acknowledgements
- invoices
- product listings
- price breaks

Production Planning / Orderboard

All orders are entered onto the 'job board' - a visual representation of what jobs you have running through your factory at any one time:

- job cards
- labels
- job packs
- golden samples documentation
- full export facility for order board
- full API for production planning

Procurement / Shopping List

Stock management using kanban system to have minimum and maximum stock levels - auto generate supplier purchase orders on time, every time.

- set min / max stock levels
- complete supplier database
- daily / weekly shopping list
- dashboard alerts for overdue / pending
- export stock take at the push of a button

Warehouse Management

Everything has a place, and everything has a number - if it comes in the door, it is registered! From consumables, inserts, masterbatch, raw material, and even finished stock.

- locate tools & change inserts
- raw materials & masterbatches
- ancillaries
- inserts
- packaging
- consumables
- finished stock


What goes in must come out - export to your preferred accounting software.

- Xero
- Quickbooks
- Sage

IS0 9001:2015

Helping you to track and implement your ISO accreditation - assessors love the NCR (non conformance) register, and so do your customers. Genisys also has the functionality to store all of your Quality Management System documentation

Setting up a Product

Our Injection Moulding specific way of setting up a product is straight forward and methodical.

- Box quantity: Genisys will calculate the number of boxes / pallets etc you will require for the complete order.
- Bag quantity: as above, but sometimes standard bags or bubble bags can also be required.
- Cycle time: this is the cycle time of the tool - this can be monitored and amended if required during production. A useful feature to aid with production planning.
- Scrap percentage: this is a method of monitoring the scrap percentage of all specific parts.
- Sprue weight: to ensure an accurate quantity of material is calculated for each specific job volume.
- Core/Cavity/Base: this is a section where you can record the metals used in the manufacture of the tooling.
- Impressions or Cavities: this can be amended if for example the tooling is multi cavity with a switchable sprue.
- Runner type: Cold or Hot, it's as simple as that!
- Tool: this is the tool number for this specific product.
- Colour: this is for the colour of the finished item.
- Golden Sample Location: Keeping a record of where the master / golden sample is stored within your factory.
- Job type: this can be set to multiple options, for example, fully auto, semi auto or full operator.
- Second Op Details: this is where you can make notes about the second operation - all second operations will have their own job card.
- Change Inserts: does the tool have change inserts which are required for this specific product?
- Stock Assignment: this is to assign this specific product to a customer.
- Machine: assign this specific product to a machine, or a variety of machines

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