Skynet ERP News

Bridgwater Business Expo 2024

We are excited to announce that Genisys Systems will participate in the Bridgwater Business Expo on June 21 2024. This event, organized by the Bridgwater Chamber of Commerce, is a great platform to showcase our latest innovations for our ERP system. Join us to explore new business opportunities and connect with industry leaders... Read More

Armed Forces Covenant Banner - Bronze Award

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded the Bronze Armed Forces Covenant Award! 🏅 This prestigious recognition highlights our commitment to supporting the Armed Forces community and promoting fairness and respect within our society and workplace.

At Genisys Systems Ltd, we believe in the strength, skills, and unique experiences that veterans and reservists bring to the workforce. This award marks the beginning of our journey in supporting our Armed Forces, and we are dedicated to continuing our efforts... Read More

Skippy Assistant

As we enter the Industry 4.0 era, Skynet can seamlessly integrate digitalisation in the manufacturing sector, empowering businesses to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and increase production transparency... Read More

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